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Crawling Valley Campground

Crawling Valley Campground is an example of a static website that serves the Crawling Valley Recreation Society.

Each of the web pages is individually created and the contents are displayed to the user exactly as the file was stored.

This type of website works well when the content does not require frequent changes and the number of individual pages is low.

Advantages of a static website:

  • Quick to develop
  • Lower cost to develop
  • Lower cost to host

Disadvantages of a static website:

  • Requires web development expertise to update site
  • Content can become stagnant with time



Town Of Bassano is an example of a dynamic website that serves the Town of Bassano, Alberta.

Each of the pages is set up as a template, and the content is delivered to the user from a database stored on the host server.

The website uses a variety of programming languages and techniques to allow administrators of the site to add and edit content.

 Town of Bassano

Advantages of dynamic websites

  • Much more functional website
  • Easier to update
  • Can work as a system to allow staff or users to collaborate

Disadvantages of dynamic websites

  • Slower / more expensive to develop
  • Higher cost to host


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